Mammal Species

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NOTE:  If you have found an orphaned or injured animal,
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While most people think of wildlife outside the city, Saskatoon has a beautiful river running through the center.   This corridor is ideal habitat for wildlife, both residents and those passing through.   Many mammals have also adapted to living with humans nearby.

Unfortunately, as these animals go about their business of living, their activities sometimes cause problems for humans.  Raccoons get into garbage, scattering it all over if we do not secure our cans tightly enough.   Skunks find refuge under our sheds and porches, causing a “stink” with their human neighbours.  Hares nibble on garden greenery, leaving the human gardener frustrated and hungry.

We firmly believe that there are ways to co-exist in peace with our wild neighbours and will always suggest and advocate for this.   When it is not an option, deterrence methods are the go-to answer.   We never advocate for trap-and-release as this almost always results in the death of the animal who is moved to someone else’s territory, has no idea where the food or water is located, and has no immediate shelter.   Imagine yourself being dropped into the forest and trying to survive.

Additionally, spring is the time of love and breeding.  Shooting or trapping an animal in the spring means a very unpleasant death of starvation for the young left behind.   There are humane alternatives.

If you have a question, issue or conflict with a neighbourhood animal, you may find some answers to your dilemma on these pages.   If not, give us a call and we will see if we can answer your question and offer creative options.    Call us at 306-281-0554