Educational Programs for 2024

Are you a TEACHER? Scout troop/Girl Guide Leader? Community Events organizer?

If you are interested in our Outreach programming, please Contact Us. Educational presentations can be tailored and adapted for specific groups as needed.

All fees go toward the care of the Ambassador animals as well as those being rehabilitated.

Educational Programming Description

We have three trained Environmental Educators who work with different species to provide community-based programming with wildlife.

We come to you with one of our Wild Ambassadors to support understanding of wildlife ecology and encourage peaceful co-existence with our wild neighbours.

Educational topics can be curriculum-focused to support your classroom teachings.

Description: 30-45 minute presentation and an opportunity to meet the Ambassador up close & personal

Cost: $125 per classroom
For out of Saskatoon, there is an additional $.50/km fee for mileage.
Note: The crows and turtles live out of town, so there is a $50 mileage fee for these presentations in Saskatoon.

1. To increase awareness and sensitivity towards all wild creatures;
2. To provide information about the interconnectedness of all living things;
3. To encourage tolerance of, & living in harmony with wildlife;
by providing the opportunity to meet an Ambassador for our wild neighbours.


SPONSOR a Classroom:    $125

Your sponsorship gives the gift of knowledge.

We bring a little bit of WILD to the group!  Our presentations engage the students in a discussion about our environment.  They learn about some of the wild inhabitants that rely on the local ecosystem to survive, along with cool facts about the animal.   The focus on connections between species, including humans, connects the participants with the natural world.  That connection and knowledge is designed to encourage appreciation for our wild neighbours, and more positive human-wildlife interactions.

You can designate a classroom or group of your choice or you can leave it up to us.

LSWR Educational Program
Jan Shadick at LSWR Educational School Program.


Educational Program
Jan with Franklin, the Franklin’s Ground Squirrel at a Community Summer camp
Being up close and personal with the Ambassador
Debra, encouraging knowledge of the animal’s natural history to know when to “help”.

Program Descriptions

All About Raptors

From soaring flight to deep dives after prey, our local raptors are uniquely suited to survive on the open prairies.  Participants meet our ambassador learn how they control our rodent populations, and how they are at risk due to poison & lead.


Bird Brains – Corvids at Work

Meet Loki, our Crow ambassador and see if you can outwit him. These brilliant birds can remember better than Santa who is naughty and who is nice to them. Their intelligence is matched by their curiosity and their socialness. Not your average bird brain!


Batty for Bats


If you’ve never realized the cuteness of these flying mammals, then this opportunity is for you!  Our Big Brown Bats are the ultimate in mosquito control.  Come hang out and learn about why humans need these nocturnal “sky puppies” for our own survival.

Surprising Skunks

Skunks are amazing creatures, and are immensely beneficial to our environment.  Participants get to meet  a “safe” ambassador, and learn the surprising secrets of our misunderstood neighbours!

Up Up & Away – All about Flight

Whether soaring or diving, our prairie raptors are a diverse set of aerial acrobats.  Each has its own adaptations to help it survive and thrive here.   From silent owls to speedy falcons, wings hold the secret to flight, and taught humans how to design airplanes!

Backyard Wildlife

From bunnies to birds and foxes to fawns, the health of our urban wildlife is a good measurement of the health of our city!  Meet some of the common urban wildlife in your backyard, learn how these animals have adapted to survive in proximity to us, both inside and outside the city.

What to do When…. Encounters with Wildlife

This overview of the animals
living in our neighbourhoods
reviews the natural history of
each species, helping the participants
better determine if an animal
needs their help or if it is just
doing what it is supposed to be doing!
This program is an excellent
introduction to our local
wildlife species and what to expect
if you encounter them around town.

Greg, practicing with Bill, our crow Ambassador.

Thank You to our generous sponsors who help us bring a little WILD to your group!

3 Year Grant