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Over the years, we have recognized the need for proactive prevention work in certain high-risk areas for Wildlife.

Pigeons and Poison in Saskatoon

For many years we had a wonderful woman who took in our injured & orphaned pigeons. She was amazing at going all over the city, helping with “nuisance” birds, giving information and advice, and advocating for these maligned but intelligent birds. Continue Reading

Beavers in the City

We began advocating for the use of non-lethal management for the beavers along our beautiful river after we had a young beaver escape to the river. As we toured the riverbanks each morning in the coming weeks, we met many interesting people. Unfortunately, one of them was a man who was paid to lethally trap these animals at their lodges.

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Birds In Real Danger, Saskatoon (B.I.R.D.S.)

We have received hundreds of birds that flew into windows and were injured or died from the impact.  In response, we created a partnership with several other organizations called “B.I.R.D.S.” – Birds In Real Danger, Saskatoon.

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