Check Out Our Wildlife Rehabilitation Internship Opportunity!

LSWR is run by dedicated volunteers and grant-funded students in the summer months to ensure continuity of care to the animals.  We are always looking for persons interested in working with the animals or willing to assist with cage building, administration, and the other activities associated with running a wildlife rehabilitation facility.

Spring and summer are the primary busy seasons for this work, although some animals must be kept through the winter and are released the following spring. The work is incredibly rewarding, but also exceedingly demanding.  Animal care is provided from 6am until 11pm in addition to answering inquiries from the public, while also triaging and assessing incoming animals for illness, injury, or other needs.

We can always use helpful hands in the summer to assist in feeding, cleaning, and transporting animals.

We cannot do this work without volunteers – baby birds are fed every 20 minutes; ducklings have to be swum and cleaned 4 times a day; infant mammals require bottle feeding every 4 hours.

Although most people want to help with animal care in the busy summer months (and we NEED that help!!) we ALSO have other opportunities for volunteering during fall and winter:

Fundraising – fundraising is a huge part of our work so that we can care for the animals
Education Assistant – Assistance with Education programming
Construction / Handy help – building up keep/maintenance by a handyman would be fabulous!
Sewing – Animals are destructive to their cloth cages and these require frequent repair! If you like to sew, we often have projects on the go!
Join our Advocacy EffortsProactive prevention work in certain high-risk areas for Wildlife
Collect Bottles for Wildlife – Drop off your unwanted refundable cans and bottles.

If you, or someone you know, has skills in any of these areas and would be interested in volunteering with us, Please give us a shout!