Bird Species

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Saskatchewan has over 300 different bird species throughout the province during the year.  Some of these species nest here and others are passing through on their way to and from their southern wintering sites.

While we are very fortunate to have such a diversity of avian neighbours, there are times that we have an impact on each other in a negative way.

Woodpeckers (and Nuthatches) have been known to create holes in houses with wooden siding, or Sapsuckers declare their presence with syncopated “tapping” on a hollow or metal pipe that reverberates loudly enough to wake up the neighbourhood.

The spring morning chorus is not without its frustrations at 4 am when the crows start cawing, and, as beautiful as a robin song can be, it is less lovely at 4 am…..

Alternatively, humans impact birds as well.   Our invisible windows are often a deadly source of tragedy to birds seeking shelter in what is actually just a reflection.  Our free-roaming cats act on instinct and catch birds with deadly consequences.  Sometimes birds get clipped by our vehicles, or our power lines and fences.

If you have a question, issue or conflict with a neighbourhood bird, you may find some answers to your dilemma on these pages.   If not, give us a call and we will see if we can answer your question.    Call us at 306-281-0554.