Adopt an Animal Certificate – a meaningful gift for 2023

Adopt an Animal – Give them a Second Chance!

Animals may be “adopted” through Living Sky Wildlife Rehabilitation in Saskatoon, Canada, to support their successful rehabilitation and release back to the wild where they belong.

Your Adopt an Animal adoption fees go toward food, housing, medical care, transportation, and general care of the animal to prepare it to return to its natural habitat.

The recipient does NOT receive any bird or animal in this fund-raising program.

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Adopt an Animal

Adopt an Animal adoption certificates make ideal gifts to:

  • honour a retiring colleague
  • wish someone a happy birthday
  • celebrate a young couple’s wedding
  • commemorate a wedding anniversary
  • rejoice at a child’s birth
  • give to somebody who has everything at Christmas
  • memorialize the passing of a close friend
  • give to yourself and support our wildlife rehabilitation efforts


Adopters will receive:

  • Adoption certificate stating the Adopter’s name and the type of animal adopted.
  • Fact sheet about the species adopted
  • Warm, Fuzzy feelings of joy at helping an animal in need


You may pick your favourite animal or leave the selection up to us.

Adopt an Animal Certificate prices are as follows:
Robins……………….$20 Individual, $50 Nest of Robins
Sparrow……………..$20 Individual, $50 Nest of Sparrows
Baby Birds…………..$20 Individual, $50 Nest of baby birds
Crows………………..$25 Individual
Skunk………………..$30 Individual, $75 Family of skunks
Ducklings……………$30 Individual, $75 Family of ducklings
Red Squirrel…………$35 Individual, $80 Family of Squirrels
Porcupine……………$40 Individual
Red Fox……………..$50 Individual, $100 Family of Fox kits

Adopt an Animal


Mailing address with postal code needed for your tax receipt.
Please submit separate forms for each recipient.
This certificate recognizes the recipient’s support to Living Sky Wildlife Rehabilitation for the care of the adopted injured or orphaned bird or animal. The recipient does NOT receive any bird or animal in this fund-raising program.
Please include postal code
Please e-transfer amount due to . No security question is needed and your e-transfer will be automatically deposited. Cheque or cash may be mailed to or dropped off at 100 Rayner Avenue, Saskatoon, S7N 2P8.
QUESTIONS: Call or Text 306-281-0554

If you do not hear back from us within 24 hours, then please email: or phone 306-652-5975.

What does Living Sky Wildlife Rehabilitation do?

Our Mission

“To provide a safe place for injured and orphaned wild animals to grow and mend until they can return to their natural habitat while encouraging public tolerance and understanding of wildlife.”

We are a non-profit, registered charity, based in Saskatoon, SK.

How to learn more about Living Sky Wildlife Rehabilitation

  • CLICK HERE to read the About Us section of our webpage.
  • CLICK HERE to watch the behind the scenes activities of our staff and volunteers on our
    Staying Wild TV Show. 
    Staying Wild
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