Found an animal?

What do I do if I find a lost or injured animal or bird?

If you found an injured animal, please call us first. 306-281-0554

If you  are able, text us a photo to the number above, and we will be better able to assess the situation and decide upon options.

Do Not give any food or water.
Keep the animal in quiet warm location in a box or dark container.
No bird cages please.
Cover kennels with a towel or sheet to reduce visual stress.
Call us as soon as possible to arrange transport if needed.

If you are in Saskatoon area and can bring the animal to the Centre, please call us at 306-281-0554.

If you are elsewhere in the province, or require a volunteer to transport the animal, please call the WRSOS Wildlife Hotline at 306-242-7177

Did a bird hit your window?

Visit our Birds & Windows page for guidance

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See Other Cautions

Common Mistakes:

  • Baby Bunnies (Hares): They are probably NOT orphaned just because they are alone!! DO NOT TOUCH THEM!! – see Species Information about how Mom protects them by leaving them alone.
  • Baby deer – Fawns: They are NOT abandoned if you find them alone in the bushes!! DO NOT TOUCH THEM!!! – see Species Information for more information about how Mom cares for her fawns.
  • Fledgling Birds: They may not fly very well, because they are still learning how! – but they are probably NOT injured. Watch and Wait to see if they REALLY need us to help them.
  • When in doubt call us at 306-281-0554.


LSWR Covid-19 Response:

We ask that if you are sick, please notify us, and have someone else bring in the animal, wearing gloves for their own health.

We will be following all health guidelines regarding social distancing, and minimizing contact with the public as much as possible, in order to stay healthy and able to care for the animals during this stressful time.

Despite the Covid-19 outbreak, LSWR will make every effort to continue to provide a safe place for injured and orphaned wild animals in need of care.   We will continue to adapt to the situation as it changes in the coming days, weeks, months. Our hearts are with those impacted directly by this virus and wish everyone well as we work together to be safe.