Gifts of Mutual Funds

Donating mutual funds that have increased in value is the most tax-efficient way to make a charitable gift to Living Sky Wildlife Rehabilitation, Inc. Your broker can simply transfer the funds from your account to our charity account.

Benefits of Donating Appreciated Mutual Funds

  • By donating mutual funds directly to Living Sky Wildlife Rehabilitation without cashing it in, you avoid having to pay capital gains tax on those funds that have increased in value.
  • You will also receive a tax receipt for the closing price of the funds on the day the funds are received in the Living Sky Wildlife Rehabilitation account. This tax receipt can be used to offset your personal income tax.

Please contact us in advance with any questions or for our account details needed to complete the transfer.

Living Sky Wildlife Rehabilitation
100 Rayner Avenue
Saskatoon, SK
S7N 2P8

We recommend that you check with your lawyer or financial advisor before making any donation of mutual funds.

Click here to access a fillable form which you may download and save to your computer. You may then open it with Adobe Reader to fill it in and then print it and sign it. The final document should be given to your broker with a copy sent to us at the address or email above.

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