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GoFundMe Campaign: 2024

Hi, we are Living Sky Wildlife Rehabilitation in Saskatoon. We care for over 2000 animals each year, returning them back to the wild, where they belong.

We fundraise and apply for grants every year to cover our costs as we do not receive dependable government funding for our work. This year, we did not get our grants, and we are receiving more animals than usual. Money is getting really tight, and we need YOUR support to help these animals get the second chance they deserve.

We are feeding baby songbirds every half an hour from sun up to sun down. Ducklings are given swim time four times a day, and baby mammals are fed every 2 to 3 or 4 hours, even during the nighttime. We are dedicated and compassionate people who believe in giving these animals a second chance.

We hold all the necessary permits to do this work. Each year costs more money, and this year we are struggling to cover costs for food, medical care, and general care of the animals.

Please help us save a wild child – Donate today to our GoFundMe campaign! Every penny goes directly toward animal care. We need your help to set these animals free again.

Some of the animals we have in care include:
“Stinky Winky” – He was found in a window well, with a cat…. his eyes were closed, and he was cold. Our volunteer warmed him up and brought him to us. He recovered with lots of TLC but became very attached to his care-giver because he had no other friends to remind he is a skunk! Finally, more orphaned skunks arrived, and he now one of 9 skunks with us. He is learning how to be a skunk again, and they are eating us out of house and home! 🙂

Oscar the Otter – found orphaned and alone for three days…. he caused panic when he wouldn’t eat, and was losing weight. Reaching out to other rehabilitators, we discovered he probably had pneumonia so we started him on antibiotics. But then he went to the vet for a physical and didn’t wake up from the anaesthesia. We shed so many tears that night, and even more (of relief) when he did finally wake up the next morning. He seems to be on the mend, but will require an unreal amount of work (and $$) to create a pool for him as he grows up….

George the Great Horned Owl that is very slowly recovering from being hit by a car…. He arrived unable to stand, and improved enough to move around, but was still wobbly. Months later, and hundreds of dollars of mice, he is still getting fed twice a day, but is tracking better, and we are hopeful that he will start to eat mice on his own soon! It will be a lot more mice along the way….

Plus the hundreds of songbirds, from swallows to robins to sparrows to wrens and chickadees…. In the wild, they eat thousands of insects and keep our yards and gardens clean. In care, they eat the same thousands of insects, but it costs us $800 a week to fill their mouths and keep them happy. We order about 150,000 mealworms, 25,000 crickets, and 100’s of worms each week. The bills are piling up and we need support through this GoFundMe campaign to save these wild children.

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