Wish List

From paper towels to animal kennels, we can always use a variety of items. LSWR has a running wish list of items that we use regularly and would greatly appreciate!

Needed Items:

Housing:  (in order of need)
Large watering troughs, especially Metal
Baby Play pens
Cloth cages, pet tents
Coroplast sheets
Large Plastic tubs
Kennels of all sizes

Care: (in order of need)
Fake non-toxic trees, shrubs, greenery
Feather dusters or feather boas (foster duck “moms”)
Heat lamps, or ceramic heaters for reptiles, full-spectrum reptile UVA/UVB lights
Heating pads, SnugglesafeÒ heat pads, Hot water bottles
Children’s Wading pools
Bedding; shavings, straw, leaves

Appliances: (in order of need)
Freezers in working condition
Water sump pumps

Supplies: (all are always needed!)
Paper towels, tissues
dish soap, unscented bleach, unscented laundry detergent, Oxy clean, Vinegar
Latex (or other disposable) gloves
Scrub brushes
Sponges, green scrub pads

Feeding Items:
Ceramic or stainless steel dishes
Gift certificates to grocery and hardware stores

Face shields, as for welding