Wish List

Critters like to eat and need a place to sleep...
So we are always looking for donations of the following items.

Gift certificates to grocery and hardware stores are the EASIEST way to help!!

Cleaning Supplies: (all of these are always needed!)

  • Paper towels
  • Unscented tissues/kleenex
  • Dish soap Unscented bleach
  • Oxy clean
  • Vinegar
  • Scrub brushes
  • Any PPE: Latex GLOVES(!!)masks, shoe covers, gowns...

Feeding Items:

  • Ceramic or stainless steel dishes

Housing: (in order of need)

  • Large wateringtroughs, especially Metal
  • Baby Play pens
  • Cloth cages, pet tents
  • Coroplast sheets
  • Large Plastic tubs
  • Terrariums or aquariums
  • Kennels of all sizes

Care: (in order of need)

  • Feather dusters or feather boas (foster duck “moms”)
  • Heat lamps, or ceramic heaters for reptiles, full-spectrum reptile UVA/UVB lights
  • Heating pads, SnugglesafeÒheat pads, Hot water bottles
  • Artificial Christmas trees, shrubs, greenery
  • Children’s Wading pools
  • Bedding; shavings, straw, leaves

Appliances: (in order of need)

  • Freezers in working condition
  • Water sump pumps
  • Refrigerators in working condition
  • Gas Dryer in working condition
  • Laundry Washing Machine in working condition