How to Help


We receive no government funding for our work. When animals are hungry, we rely on donations and grants to feed them.

Please consider a donation today. Click on Our “Canada Helps” link on the right to donate directly to LSWR.

Your donation will buy food, housing and medical care for the animals that come into our care.

Needed Items

From paper towels to animal kennels, we can always use a variety of items. LSWR has a running wish list of items that we use regularly and would greatly appreciate! Click here for a pdf of our Donation List.


LSWR is run by volunteers, and can always use helpful hands in the summer to assist in feeding, cleaning, and transporting animals.

We cannot do this work without volunteers – baby birds are fed every 20 minutes; ducklings have to be swum and cleaned 4 times a day; infant mammals require bottle feeding every 4 hours.

Although most people want to help with animal care in the busy summer months (and we NEED that help!!) we ALSO have other opportunities for volunteering during fall and winter:

Fundraising – fundraising is a huge part of our work so that we can care for the animals
Education Assistant – Assistance with Education programming
Handy help – building up keep/maintenance by a handyman would be fabulous!
Sewing Projects – cage liners and covers or nests for baby birds! Details here!
Prepare Squirrel SquaresBe a wildlife sous chef!

If you, or someone you know, has skills in any of these areas and would be interested in volunteering with us, Please give us a shout!

Check Out Our Wildlife Rehabilitation Internship Opportunity

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