Educational Programs

Are you a TEACHER? Scout troop/Girl Guide Leader? Community Events organizer?

If you are interested in our Outreach programming, please Contact Us. Presentations can be tailored and adapted for specific groups as needed.

All fees go toward the care of the Ambassador animals as well as those being rehabilitated.

Educational Programming Description

We have three trained Environmental Educators who work with different species to provide community-based programming with wildlife.

Due to Covid, all programs are held out of doors or via a virtual platform (Zoom).  On-line programming is at a reduced cost.

We come to you with one of our Wild Ambassadors to support understanding of wildlife ecology and encourage peaceful co-existence with our wild neighbours.

Topics can be curriculum-focused to support your classroom teachings.

Description: 30-45 minute presentation and an opportunity to meet the Ambassador up close & personal

Cost: $100 per classroom
For out of town, there is an additional $.50/km for mileage.

1. To increase awareness and sensitivity towards all wild creatures;
2. To provide information about the interconnectedness of all living things;
3. To encourage tolerance of, & living in harmony with wildlife;
by providing the opportunity to meet an Ambassador for our wild neighbours.

See Full PDF for Curriculum

Participant Feedback

Jan with Franklin, the Franklin’s Ground Squirrel at a Community Summer camp
Being up close and personal with the Ambassador
Debra, encouraging knowledge of the animal’s natural history to know when to “help”.
Greg, practicing with Bill, our crow Ambassador.

Thank You to our generous sponsors who help us bring a little WILD to your group!

Affinity Grant 2021
3 Year Grant