Greenwater Lake Birding Group Tour – 3 days in warbler heaven

Greenwater Lake Birding Group Tour

Self-Drive Birding Tour

Join a 3-day / 2-night guided Greenwater Lake Birding Group tour to visit this provincial park famous for its abundance of warblers, finches, flycatchers, woodpeckers and other forest songbirds. Saskatchewan’s Greenwater Lake Provincial Park is located in a mixed forested region about 270 km east of Saskatoon.

The lakes and wetlands within this park attract many water birds including various ducks, rails, herons and many duck species. A remote area in this park is well-known as a breeding site for Trumpeter Swans. We will keep our eyes peeled for this special bird on any of the park’s accessible ponds.

Transportation: For covid reasons, all participants will travel in their own personal or rented vehicle. Masks will be worn at birding stops.

Proposed Dates: 3 days in early June 2022. If the weather forecast is poor, we may delay the tour by 1 or 2 days. By choosing a mid-week tour, we avoid the noise of weekend crowds.

Accommodation Options. Both camping and hotel accommodation options are available.


Day 1. We will travel in a car convoy departing Saskatoon about 9 am. En route to the park, we will visit a night heron and cormorant colony at Porter Lake and also visit Lake Charron Regional park. After settling into our accommodation, we will spend the evening hours listening for songs of woodland thrushes and any calling owls.

Day 2. We will hike the park’s main nature trail in the morning and visit  other local birding spots. In the afternoon, we will drive to other birding hotspots at other nearby lakes.

Day 3. We will spend the morning hours birding in the park. After checking out we will return to Saskatoon making an optional detour to check out the herons and egrets at Quill Lakes.

The cost of this small group tour is not yet fully known.

If interested, please email as soon as possible and include the full names of interested participants, the type of vehicle(s) you plan to drive and indicate whether you prefer the camping or hotel option. The number of participants accepted on this group tour is limited.

Tour Guide: Stan Shadick. Click for more information about your tour guide.

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Ovenbird singing by May Haga
Greenwater Lake Birding Group Tour
Greenwater Lake Provincial Park Trails