LSWR is run by volunteers, and can always use helpful hands in the summer to assist in feeding, cleaning, and transporting animals.

We cannot do this work without volunteers – baby birds are fed every 20 minutes; ducklings have to be swum and cleaned 4 times a day; infant mammals require bottle feeding every 4 hours.

Although most people want to help with animal care in the busy summer months (and we NEED that help!!) we ALSO have other opportunities for volunteering during fall and winter:

Fundraising – fundraising is a huge part of our work so that we can care for the animals
Bookkeeping – Accounting help is very much needed
Education Assistant – Assistance with Education programming
Handy help – building up keep/maintenance by a handyman would be fabulous!

If you, or someone you know, has skills in any of these areas and would be interested in volunteering with us, Please give us a shout!

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