Found an animal?

What do I do if I find a lost or injured animal or bird?

Call the WRSOS Wildlife Hotline: 306-242-7177

Did a bird hit your window? Visit our Birds & Windows page for guidance

Common Mistakes:
  • Baby Bunnies (Hares): They are probably NOT orphaned just because they are alone!! DO NOT TOUCH THEM!! – see Species Information about how Mom protects them by leaving them alone.
  • Baby deer – Fawns: They are NOT abandoned if you find them alone in the bushes!! DO NOT TOUCH THEM!!! – see Species Information for more information about how Mom cares for her fawns.
  • Fledgling Birds: They may not fly very well, because they are still learning how! – but they are probably NOT injured. Watch and Wait to see if they REALLY need us to help them.
  • When in doubt, call the WRSOS Wildlife Hotline: (306) 242-7177